Pearls and perliculture links

There are hundreds of sites scattered throughout the WWW that are devoted to pearls and pearl culture. No attempt is made here to pull all these records together; instead, this limited annotated selection lists the most informative resources available on the Internet.

Pearls: A Natural History

This website, developed at American Museum of Natural History for the exhibit by the same title, provides a well-illustrated comprehensive overview of pearls as both gems and products of living organisms, their role across cultures throughout human history, a brief outline of the development and methods of perliculture, and a survey of marine and frashwater pearl-producing mollusks.

All About Gemstones

A part of this website devoted to pearls provides extensive information on virtually all aspects of perliculture from the history of the trade to the contemporary pearl grading system. It includes good illustrations, a directory of pearl farms, and a great number of links to other resources, including commercial producers.

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