Aviculidae Goldfuss, 1820

Taxonomic status and synonymy: 

The name Aviculidae was replaced with Pteriidae Gray, 1847, because it was based on a junior synonym, which, however, does not suffice for the name replaement (ICZN 1999, Art. 40.1). However, the older name Pteriidae was maintained due to its prevailing usage (ICZN 1999 Art. 40.2) with precedence of Aviculidae.

Taxonomic notes: 

Original spelling: Aviculae (Goldfuss, 1820: 607).

- inae [as trib. Aviculidae, below fam. Mytilacea, n.t. Morch, 1853, 2: 50;

oidea [as --acea], n.t. Gill, 1871, Smithsomnian Miscellaneous collections: 227:21.

Original taxonomic composition: Avicula (=Pteria+Pinctada)


Type genus: Avicula Bruguière, 1791 or 2.

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