Crenatula pergaminea Gould, 1850

Geological age: 



"T. membranacea, obliquissima, subfalcata, concentricè laminoso-fibrosa, albida, lineis lacteis radiata; margine dorsali recto, umbonibus tumidis, acutis, ad trientem anteriorem sitis; latere postico obliquè trancato; areâ cardinali angusta ad 5-crenata: intus sub-margaritacea. Long 1¼; alt. ⅝; lat. ⅜ poll. Hab. Feejee Islands.

None of the species already described agree with this in color, texture, pr form. Its structure is very delicate and unresisting, almost fibrous at its edge." [Gould, 1850: 310-311.]

Type locality: 

"Feejee Islands" [Gould, 1850: 311].

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