Perna argillacea Gould, 1850

Geological age: 



"T. solidula, mutica, compressa, elongata, anticè dilatata, posticè subrecta, ex luteo alutacea, hic illic nigricans; apice adunco: fissura byssali angusta, lanceolata: intus livescens: area cardinalis curta, obliqua, triangularis, sulcis obliquis at 8 arata: fovea apicaliss profunda. Long. 2½; alt. 3; lat. ⅜ poll. Hab. ?

The resemblance to the common P. ephippium of the West Indies is very great. It differs chiefly in the clay-colored exterior, and in having the byssal instead of the opposite side dilated; the muscular scar is also smaller." [Gould, 1850: 311.]

Type locality: 

"?" [Gould, 1850: 311].

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