Pteriidae Gray, 1847 [1820]


The original descrition consisted of the list of included genera.

Taxonomic status and synonymy: 

Pteriidae Gray, 1847: 199-200 [spelled as "PTERIADÆ"].

Taxonomic notes: 

Original spelling: PTERIADÆ (Gray, 1847: 199).

Gray (1840) used the name Aviculidae, when established Pteriidae, he did not cite Aviculidae but cited Avicula as synonym of Pteria.

Pteriidae is in prevailing usage and it is conserved by ICZN Art. 40 with precedence of Aviculidae Goldfuss, 1820.

-inae [as Pteriacna], n.t. Gray, 1854, The Annals and Mag. of Nat Hist ser.2, 13:418;

-oidea [as -acea], Dall, 1895, Trans. of the Wagner Free Institute of Science,m Philadelphia 3(3(:518. Conserved over and given precedence (1820) of Aviculidae by Hertlein & Cox, 1969:302.

The taxonomic scope in the original publication: Malleus, Baphia (Vulsella?), Pteria, Margaritiphora, Crenatula, Dalacia, Melina.


Type genus: Pteria Scopoli, 1777.

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