Perna eremita Gould, 1850

Geological age: 



"T. fragilis, exaluminata, variabilis, dolabrata, vulsellata, unguiformis, pectiniformis et omnimodè distorta, plerumque radiatim rugoso-striata et in junioribus rufolineata; antrorsum plus minusve curvata: marginata argentea; limbo corticali ampliat, foliaceo, stramineo, vitro: margine cardinali ferè horizontali, 6-8 sulcato; fissurâ byssali profundâ. Long. 2; alt. 1 9/10; lat. ⅜ poll. Inhabits Carlshoff Island, Paumotu Group.

This shell, though so variable as to elude all terms of description, is still very distinct from all others, in all its forms. It seems to acquire its multiform shapes from the cavities in coral where it resides. Young or well protected specimens are sculptured by delicate radiating ramose ribs bearing minute scales." [Gould, 1850: 311.]

Type locality: 

"Inhabits Carlshoff Island, Paumotu Group" [Gould, 1850: 311].

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