Perna nana Gould, 1850

Geological age: 



"T. parva, crassa, subquadrata, adunca, lamellosa, extus nigra; margine ventrali sinuato; angulo infero-posteriori rotundato; latere postico sinuato: area cardinali lata, 6-sulcata; fissura byssali ampla, trigonalis: margarita plumbaginea; limbo corticali angusto, pallido. Long. ⅗; alt. ¾; lat. ¼ poll.  Hab. Feejee Islands; inder stones. Drayton.

The solidity and color of this little species will not admit of its being confounded with any other species. It bears the marks of mature age." [Gould, 1850: 312.]

Type locality: 

"Hab. Feejee Islands." [Gould, 1850: 312].

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